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I am here on my own, and my husband has passed on. My sink keeps blocking up.  My children live too far away. What do I do? I called Plumbing Company here in Texas. They arrived in less than half an hour. They carefully cleared out the area under the sink and set out some coverings and a bucket. Then the U bend was taken off.  What a mess and smell! Everything was cleaned straight away.  They had all the right tools ready. No fuss and no bother. They were very professional and polite, plus neatly dressed. They told me that I should replace all those old pipes. They charged a good price for this work. I think I will call them again.

Robert Jeter

I am here all day long with my two young children. My husband is out working long hours. There is a pipe that has been dripping for days now. The plumping guys were out here exactly when they said they would. They were Friendly and knew how to do the job. Of course, they advised me that the best thing to do was to re-pipe our whole house. Out piping was way too old. Spark Plumbing had a lot of good offers.  I was worried that new pipes would be too expensive. However, they reassured me that there were a number of schemes available, which can help.  My husband has a steady job, so we took the plunge. A whole set of new pipes were quickly installed.

Erica Cha

I have been having problems for a while with damp in my basement.  The piping in the rest of the house was fine, though. A friend of mine suggested that it had to do with the concrete slabs. The smell and the mold down there were getting me down, and I had lost an important storage space. I phoned Spark Plumbing, and they arrived promptly.  After a thorough inspection they told me the problem had to do with the slab concrete construction, which is common in my area. There is also a high water table here and the soil is mostly clay. Slabs start to move and moisture starts to seep through. They fixed the floor up real good. They said they will be back if this happens again.

Dawn Thomas

I run a small commercial business in Houston.  One point of major embarrassment has been our small set of public toilets that constantly get blocked. I am sure we have lost contracts because of them. Understandably, none of us in the office were in a hurry to clean these ourselves, so a friend suggested I contact Spark Plumbing. They came right away and cleared up the problem. However, they said that we needed a permanent solution. More water pressure was needed in the system, along with new toilets. Being a business man, I was very impressed with how they conducted business. Finances have been sorted out and work starts very soon.  New contracts will not be lost, and those will cover the costs.

Thomas Davis

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