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Drain Cleaning

Just imagine how much trouble you will be in if your kitchen pipes get clogged. Whenever you use your sink, you need to appreciate this and the professionals who do the “dirty job”

Sewer Line Inspection

When it comes to repairing trenchless sewers, We is the best option to take because this will certainly cost less with just about the same quality as a new pipe installed

Leak Repair

If you value your time and energy, not to mention if you want the leak to be fixed immediately don’t even attempt to do it yourself. Call us today and get the problem fix.

Faucet Repair

To deal with a leaky faucet is definitely a daunting task. This job can’t be done by just anybody out there. To get rid of headache, why don’t you consider hiring us today?

Water Heaters Repair

Do you want to get your tank water heater repaired? Call us up on our helpline number today. We will see to it that your water heating system is up and working in no time.

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing

Having a broken shower can be an annoying problem at home. There are some problems that only seasoned experts like plumbing companies can solve quickly.

Why You Need Plumbing Services in Fresno TX

A plumping problem can be a real disaster in a home or in a commercial premise.  Suddenly a pipe bursts. Water goes everywhere.  If you have good carpets or flooring, this could cause real damage. The toilet is blocked. The water softener doesn’t work.  There is a problem with the water heater.  There is no water from your faucet.  You could be in a state of total panic. Plumping is not something you can do yourself. If you have a problem, you need professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

For those who need immediate help, an emergency service is available. Plumber In Fresno offers 24/7 emergency service.  Any problem can be quickly and effectively sorted out.

However, sorting out the problem may not be enough. If your water pipe burst, how old is the piping in your home?  This can apply equally to a commercial premise, factory floor, or workshop. If things keep going wrong, this will start to seriously disrupt your business.  Spark Plumbing can give advice. If there are leaks in the piping, maybe the pipes are too old? Not replacing them and just “patching them up”, will not be an effective solution.  Replacements will have to be made. The problem you could also be less obvious.  Why does your water bill keep going up? Why is the water pressure low? There could be a problem in your system that needs looking at

Specific Plumbing Services Fresno TX 

The problems do not end there. There could be many annoying problems that keep mounting up. The kitchen sink that keeps blocking or the toilet that won’t flush properly. Again, there could be a leakage somewhere or a blockage in the system.

Start with the internal drainage. With the kitchen sink, constant blockages and problems with draining the sink may have a lot do with the sink’s U bend. Cleaning this out your self is a revolting business. If there is a constant problem, then this will need sorting out.  Spark Plumping, can suggest a different piping or a whole new one. Count on us to provide plumbing services Fresno TX. 

If you are restaurant or café owner, maybe the way fat is disposed could be  one of the main causes of this problem. This could also be the case in a domestic home. Maybe tree roots are breaking into the external drainage piping.  This could lead to blockages eventually.

It goes without saying that if there are blockages in the toilet, then you will have to call experienced plumbers to provide plumbing services Fresno TX. Again, there could well be problems with the U bend. Maybe there is not enough water pressure in the system. Overall, this could cause  a problem with your piping system. These could be the reasons for the problems. On the other hand, it could be tree roots or  mineral  deposits in the piping.  Externally, the ground could be moving and this could cause constrictions and eventual breakages to the piping.  There can be a number of reasons for this, and only plumbing experts can know for sure.

What Can Happen with Poor Piping

The following is a pretty good indicator  that you have a serious problem: You will find that your kitchen, toilet, and bathroom will start getting wet. Both the kitchen and toilet drains start overflowing. The overall flow of water starts to diminish.  Spark Plumbing can supply the solutions.

There are two piping options: One is for old piping to be replaced with galvanized piping. This will not corrode in a hurry and is robust.  The other alternative is to use ACE duroflow. This adds an epoxy cured coating to all your existing piping. This may well be worth considering. In this case. you will not have the problem with ripping out piping throughout your house or business premises, which could be highly disruptive and expensive. A resin polyester tube saturated in an epoxy resin is pulled throughout all your piping.  Once this is “cured,” it will form an impenetrable barrier throughout your piping system.  Any kind of piping can be installed for any commercial or residential area with minimum fuss.

If you replace an old piping system, or have to change a U bend, why not consider refurbishing the whole bath room? There will be reasonable quotations, so this will suit most people’s budgets.  You can discuss this with us at  Spark Plumbing. You can also discuss the style of the new bathroom you want–what materials, plus what matching tiles or decoration you can have. Do you want to add a new shower or bidet?

Hard Water

The south of Texas is in a hard water area. The ground is made from either chalk or limestone. This will mean that calcium and magnesium will start being deposited in internal piping. Decalcifiers are perhaps added to the main water.  However, this is often a huge problem with water heaters. This will lead to “furring” on the heating elements and along all internal pipes.

With water heaters, apart from furring, the heating elements will lose efficiency over time. If there is a noticeable problem, Spark Plumbing can get you an emergency team in 24 hours. There is a free repair service for the next 90 days. All models and makes can be supplied. Now is Fresno a hard or soft water city? It seems that some areas do have hard water. There could be the need for a water softener unit as there could also be traces of potassium and iron in it.

A new and highly efficient water softener can be easily fixed to your water supply. This way, you can have drinking water “on tap”. This extends the life of you pipes considerably. It would cause very limited  corrosion in appliances, not just in water heaters but also in items like kettles. Worn out and old water softeners can be easily replaced.  In the garden, there is also soil and plant debris that can get into the drains in addition to what comes from the house. Spark Plumping services Fresno TX  can provide a solution here too.